Wild Sea Trout

Andrew Jackson - Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wild Seatrout is now being offered to @marrfish on a daily basis, from Northumberland in particular, the run of seatrout is well under way. We are receiving the seatrout in it freshest form from Drift Netters who land on the East Coast of Northumberland. There is a season for netters who are licensed to fish and have a limited number of tags available for the season. Wild Sea Trout caught by a legal net or trap in England and Wales must have an Environment Agency carcass tag attached through their mouth and gills. These must remain attached until the fish are processed. The netters set their nets early morning off shore and would return to the nets in the evening to see what has been caught, tags are attached to the fish, put on ice and sent to us via our partners in the trade. 

The season for Wild Sea Trout is from April –August, we generally get chefs asking for them as early as April but we must be patient for mother nature to decide when we get them so it is always best to take direction from us before it is considered viable for a menu. The first Sea Trout caught fetch heavy premiums and are sort after as you can imagine and over the weeks price slide to an affordable rate but you still pay a premium for the unique texture, flavour, taste and colour of this precious harvest. Wild Seatrout are migrating back up into the rivers to spawn just as Wild Salmon do.

Marrfish sustainability rating – Some argue that we are intercepting a wild specie coming back to spawn/reproduce but this is the case with many wild fisheries as we follow them around their habitat at sea - to intercept and catch migratory stock – so a responsible approach we feel is to take advantage of the licensed fish when they are available and to utilise them as a weekly blackboard special and to class them as a treat for the menu and your customers and rely on the sea reared trout for printed menu slots.

We have been working closely with Marrfish for many years now. The quality and freshness of their fish is always first rate and customer care exemplary.

Pascal Canevet / Maison Bleue, Bury St Edmunds

Fresh & a consistent quality are what we look for from our suppliers; delivery 6 days a week, competitive pricing and a team that go the extra mile for us when needed, we always recommend Marrfish & hope this partnership continues

Paul Hood / Social Eating House, Soho

Finding a good fish supplier is something I seemed to struggle with due to consistency but since Marrfish was recommended to me by a friend I've got to say I've never had a problem. The guys are great to talk to, they're confident in there product and the quality and freshness is second to none.  I would put my reputation on the line to recommend them to anyone Cheers boys

Phil Thompson / Phil Thompson - THOMPSON@Darcys

The fish is bloody lovely.

Rik Withers / Head Chef / Six Bells Horringer

Marrfish offer us a first class service, supplying fantastically fresh sustainable fish from their own boats. We have constant contact with their skippers which gives us first-hand knowledge of the catch and allows us to plan our menus daily using exceptional quality seafood and great prices

Warren Geraghty / Warren Geraghty / Executive Head Chef, Galvin Restaurants

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